Our Story

Sexy man looks off into the distance

(Yes, I have a photo of myself staring off into the distance.  I swear it was candidly taken, but I can't prove it.) 

My name is Chris, and I have been searching for a decent cup of camp coffee ever since I bought my first tent. I used to believe that cheaper was better until I was replacing gear because of broken tent poles or holes. As I upgraded my gear and shed pounds from my pack, there was one thing that I still couldn't find a decent option for... great tasting coffee.  

I love my Aero Press and my French Press attachment for my JetBoil, but they are bulky and quite messy.  When you cut half your toothbrush off, it's hard to justify bringing your Aero Press. I wanted an instant coffee for my longer trips that actually tasted like a cup of coffee.  After trying over 50 different brands and reading more about how other people were in the same boat as me I decided to create what we were all looking for.  

Instant coffee focuses on convenience and not taste in order to keep prices low and produce in bulk.  The instant coffee industry brews large batches of low quality coffee beans. I found an instant coffee maker that was willing to experiment with smaller batches of high-quality specialty brewed coffee and that's where the magic happened. Once we got a brew that was high quality and tasted like it came from a specialty coffee shop, Campcraft Coffee was born.